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Negotiating Training & Consultancy
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Negotiating Training & Consultancy
Scotwork Asia
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Finance Manager - Singapore
Negotiating Training & Consultancy
Scotwork Asia
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Negotiating Training & Consultancy
Scotwork Asia
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Negotiating Training & Consultancy
Scotwork Asia
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Negotiation Skills Training

What defines a “great” negotiation? Think strategically and develop your skills; have the tools to analyse the process, understand the behaviours, and select the right course of action

All sectors - All functions - All levels

Maximise the Value of Deals

Increase the profitability of deals through more effective negotiation. Save money and create value by investing in negotiation skills training

98.9% of customers recommend us

Global Standards Locally Applied

Our investment in local consultants ensures programmes are delivered with maximum understanding of local language, culture and business practices

Offices in 48 countries - Consultancy and training in 29 languages 

Open Negotiation Course Dates

Sign up for a Scotwork open negotiation course and equip yourself to negotiate with confidence and success. Join our expert negotiation consultants and a mix of participants from diverse backgrounds. Enjoy a unique mix of fascinating insights, inspiring stories, authentic case-plays and in-depth video analysis. Check out the dates for our next open negotiation skills course.

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Course Start Date End Date Location Sign up
ANS 16/10/2023 18/10/2023 Singapore
VANS 14/11/2023 17/11/2023 Virtual
ANS 11/12/2023 13/12/2023 Singapore

We offer solutions to real-world challenges

With a solution straight



•  Proven process


•  Proven skills


•  Proven language


•  Proven ROI


•  Aligned to fit local language, culture and business practices


Proven programmes

With solutions tailored to better fit your specific needs


•  Based on capability assessment


•  Aligned to your business approach


•  Co-developed training applied to your real-world challenges


•  Consultancy and advisory support to enable better long-term outcomes



Are you ready to negotiate more valuable deals?



We better meet your needs:




Developing capability based on a detailed understanding of your competencies


Rigorous focus throughout your journey (before, during and after)


Focussed on embedding lasting change


Measuring and delivering industry-leading ROI since 1989



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