Take a closer look at Scotwork’s people. Each of us has years of real-world negotiation under our belts. We come from all walks of life and all shades of business. We enjoy the rough and tumble of deal-making and helping others become high-achieving negotiators.

Warren Langley

MD, Scotwork Int'l / CEO, Scotwork Asia

As Group MD, he is responsible for the consistent high standards and development agenda across 40 strategically placed Global offices, and the local 150 consultants covering those regions in their 28 different local languages.

He has opened operations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangalore, Istanbul, Mexico City, Bogota, and Jakarta across the last 10 years, as well as spearheading new product development, and consulting on key International projects, with selected leading Multi-National organisations.

His commercial understanding was shaped by 15 years of senior cross functional roles in Customer business development/ Sales & Category management, Brand and Customer marketing: based in the UK, Russia and North America – before moving into General management.

This approach is now being used to bring about genuine business transformation and sustainable skills development in a number of our leading clients.

Tim Kow

Managing Director

Tim relates readily to diverse audiences. He is a highly skilled coach with excellent communication skills and the ability to deliver to the most demanding of audiences.

With a background in Sales, Tim draws his negotiating experiences from a variety of industries including Textile and Apparel Manufacturing, Real Estate, Publishing and Office Equipment.

Since 2001, Tim has delivered the Scotwork programmes for clients in Australia and all parts of Asia for a range of industries including FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Advertising, Airlines, Airport Operators, Luxury Fashion Brands and Sporting Goods Manufacturers.

Julien Foo

Senior Consultant

With more than 10 years as a Scotwork consultant, Julien has developed both local and MNC clients across Asia Pacific, delivering programmes in both English and Mandarin. 

He has worked across all functions and some of the sectors he has worked on include, Advertising, Aviation, Automotive, Logistics, Pharmaceuticals, Luxury Goods, Manufacturing, Mining, FMCG and Banking.    Julien is a quick witted, common sense operator, and helps his clients to grasp the all important  ‘practical aspects of Negotiation’, as well as understanding the necessary core concepts.  

Mahadi Margiono

Senior Consultant - Indonesia

Mahadi’s experience in both sales and project (contract negotiations and project scope) led to key milestone projects – system development for oil palm plantations and Installation of the first cyclotron in Indonesia.

Proficient in both English, Bahasa Indonesia and Cantonese, Mahadi has been involved in the negotiation skills development of clients from industries such as Banking, Information Technology, and Healthcare.

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