Our flagship training is now available in the Scotwork virtual negotiation ecosystem. It’s engineered to allow us to simulate live negotiations, coached practice and interactive feedback, which is at the heart of everything we do.

Our expert coaches orchestrate various technologies to share fascinating insights, expose myths, tell easy-recall stories and choreograph authentic case-plays. The result is a uniquely inspirational experience that equips you to negotiate in any setting — virtual or otherwise

Make no mistake, this is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, participants gave the course an overall rating of 91%. Just hear what they had to say:

“I thought it was great — much better than anticipated. I think the video made us all accountable versus just a phone conference.”


Our Open enrolment negotiation courses attract people of all levels of experience, job function and skill. This diversity helps you to learn from each other as well as our expert negotiation training coaches. To improve your own negotiation skills or reserve places for up to three colleagues, sign up now.

One-Company Courses

Our One-company courses are built entirely around you and your business. You enjoy an exclusive teaching environment and pre-agreed course content shaped to match your needs exactly. Reserve up to 12 places per course for you and your colleagues


Sign up for a Scotwork open negotiation course and become a stronger deal-maker. Join our expert tutors and a mix of participants from diverse backgrounds. Get a taste of real-world negotiation in live, interactive workshops. Check out our next open negotiating course

Find our next open negotiating skills course...

Course Start date End Date Location Sign up
ANS 18/8/2020 21/8/2020 Singapore
ANS 17/11/2020 20/11/2020 Singapore


Complete one of our negotiation courses and qualify for Scotwork Alumni membership and free access to a suite of helpful digital tools:

  • Online Preparation Tool: enables easy-to-use, live collaboration with wish list/concession list libraries and built-in aids;

  • Negotiation Diagnostic Tool: provides specific advice about the status and nature of your negotiation;

  • Resource Library: includes a huge collection of useful course materials, white papers, eBooks, videos and Scotwork blog posts.

Look out for new and improved digital tools to fine-tune your negotiation skills.

The Advancing Negotiation Skills concepts, skills, case plays and coaching by the professional trainers kept the course engaging, meaningful and easy to adopt. Scotwork has empowered and instilled confidence in my team to have an effective negotiating conversations with customers.

Strongly recommends new and experienced sales professionals to experience the Scotwork Negotiation Courses.

Tan Tok Tong
Sales & Marketing Manager, Services JAPAC, AB Sciex

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