"Participating in the Scotwork programme I was deeply impacted by the course’s ability to highlight what I did not practice despite being a 20 years + negotiator. The effectiveness of the “business savvy” tutor and content to expose inherent opportunities to improve immediately was absolutely fantastic. I have no doubt in my mind that by taking the course and implementing what are essentially very commonsensical techniques will create immense tangible value to any business. If you have negotiators on your payroll and do not offer this opportunity then you are giving away substantial revenue off your bottom line."

Michael Neale
Chief Commercial Officer - MediaCom

Scotwork’s Advancing Negotiation Skills is a program we have deemed as an integral part of our Management Development. It provides not just theories but, more importantly, practical application of the art of negotiations which is critical in business.

Since Cebu Pacific introduced this program to the wider conglomerate of JG Summit group, it has been included in the group’s Leadership Development Program which says much of the value it provides to our current leaders in the conglomerate as well as those being groomed.

Rhea Villanueva
Director People Department - Cebu Pacific Inc.

I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the Scotwork course twice, once in New York and the other in Bangkok. Both times, it helped me sharpen my negotiation skills, and that of my colleagues to prepare us for the many client negotiations that followed.

What Scotwork brings to the table has allowed our group of companies and our people to be trained and prepared to propose quality deals on the negotiation table, that benefits both clients and us, in our very challenging industry.

It is a course I want to get as many senior people on board and I know personally the value it brings to our business.

Alrick Dorett
Chief Client Compensation Officer, Asia & Chief Operating Officer, Singapore & Malaysia, TBWA

I must say this has got to be one of the best courses that I have ever attended. I am now into my 8th year of taking care of the overall customer development department capability in Asia Pacific.

We have altogether trained 60 talents identified by local markets with 12 more to go this year and also our very first Blackbelt course to train champion negotiators is starting Q4 this year! I think the key way that I measure success to this course is that I am starting to see more of these people that we had trained now working in the regional office and constantly practicing the skills on me! This shows that they have not forget the skills taught and had been using it even in daily life.

Thanks Scotwork…amazing journey with you and I hope this continues!

Ernest Low
Asia Pacific Regional Customer Development, Johnson & Johnson

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